The Days Of Yonder

March 10, 2020

We recently sat down with the beauty behind one of our best selling hat, the 'Days Of Yonder'. Introducing the über-creative and cool, Nienke Lit, the girl behind Days of Yonder.

Who is Days of Yonder?

I am an artist, a little bit nerdy, an explorer, a little bit corky and I feel that I am confident to really feel out and follow my own path.

A regular day, what does it look like for a creative like you?

For having such a chaotic life, I actually really like structure. I am a workaholic but also love to get outside and absorb what’s out there.  Every morning, I pretty much wake up at the same time before my alarm goes off.

I run out the door to get some breakfast and check my calendar to see what’s on for the day. Then, I start with some graphic design, followed by a ride on my motor cycle. In the afternoon, I love to do art and illustrations because of the color and the light. Pretty much every day around 7-8, I check if there are waves and head out for a surf if there are any.

When I get back in I have some dinner and finish some work. Wrap up my day by sending emails and some other administrative stuff.  So in general, I really love to mix manual art with graphic design behind the computer. For me it is important to really find that balance.

Describe to us your perfect day?

My perfect day for me is where I get to do art, ride my motor cycle, have a little surf session and definitely love to go for a dance. My day is perfect when my days just flow and go, and I don’t have to think about anything it just all seamed perfectly together!

What inspires you?

Inspiration is a funny thing for me. Some days, I am inspired by all these external things, from clouds to candy wrappers, what somebody’s wearing, the waves of the ocean or music.

Other days, there is just nothing.
On these days I really have to dive in there, force it through internally. I sit behind my desk, work around with colors, paper, media, pencils and hope that something click at some point so you can get back in your flow.

Any places you would love to visit?

I just want to go anywhere and everywhere. Definitely japan is on the top of my list but while saying that there is Norway, China and Vietnam…I really can’t pick because there are still too many places and countries I really want to wander off to and explore!

What has been your most memorable trip thus far?

That’s by far my 90 days on the USA West coast!
1200 miles on a Harley Davidson just me, myself and I (and my bike). It was such an amazing trip that I could have never imagined myself doing and I worked so hard to get everything done.

Harley was amazing for sponsoring this epic bike for 3 months it was insane meeting the most amazing and inspiring people. Hitting the road for hours and hours and listening to music. The scenery was changing and all the elements were breathtaking.

At times all these different emotions would overwhelm me, I was scared and happy and stoked, it made me want to cry. It was really an intense trip internally and externally but by far the sickest trip ever.


Explain to us the connection between yourself and Reckon Headwear! How did the Days of Yonder cap come together?

I have such a love for people that create and really go after what they dream off and willing to keep fighting for that passion no matter what.

With Reckon, it was such a given, an inevitable match, we just knew that we had to collaborate. It’s such an amazing headwear brand that encompasses people that travel and love life to the fullest!

I love it when my gear and my clothes work together too with my lifestyle and that’s where the inspiration came from. Denim is an amazing fabric because it wears and gets better over time.

It’s cool when it has stains or when the edges raffle, it starts to tell a story. Especially, when you go to warm places, this white cap will reflect the light, keep your eyes from the sun.

Wear the cap over your messy hair, don’t care. For the blue corduroy, dark blue has always been my favourite colour.

I love that corduroy has a casual vibe but you can also wear it when going out, wear it with a suit even, that will work. Next to that, I love the way how blue fades over time.

What would you tell all wanderers out there?

Just go and do it.
Work your ass off and really believe in things that don’t see possible. If you work hard enough, do the research and put the love in.
Most of all find out what your passion is and be confident in who you are and that that’s good enough.

"Stay crazy and fun and wild and act like an idiot"

You can check out Niene's artwork here.



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