December 04, 2020

This girl, this woman, this world traveler, she is doing life right.
The bluest eyes combined with the biggest smile
that is so contagious you want to know her secret.
We are not going to say that life has been easy for her,
but she manages to fight the battles, make sure that her valleys will
get her to the top of those mountains 
Based most of her time in Bali while travelling to unknown places
where she surfs, practices yoga, creates content
and live life to the fullest with her partner Dario.
This first Saturday Chronicles we want you
to meet this beyond inspiring human, Chantal.
What does the past, present and future tell us more about her?

Can you remember 1 or 2 people who helped inspire you and helped you to grow?

Definitely my parents, both travellers, windsurfers, ocean lovers and a huge inspiration to me.

What is the biggest lesson you learned and who taught you this lesson?

Slow down, listen to your body, be grateful, be present.

I tore my ACL last year and that’s been the most challenging experience of my life so far, I’ve learned so much from it. Being unable to walk for one month, totally dependent, a long and expensive rehabilitation has taught me so much. 

What was your best birthday party?

When I was a little girl my mum used to prepared the best birthday parties ever, with a massive cake and so many games.

One of my favorites from my adulthood was when i turned 30 in Byron Bay. My parents came all the way from Spain and they surprised me with an amazing bbq at Wategos Beach with all my friends. We surfed all day and watched the sunset. So memorable!

How would you define growth?

It’s a constant development of yourself. The process of become the best version of yourself. 

What are you most content with about yourself?

My growth during this past year. How grateful I’m after my injury and how much I listen to my body. Also how much I enjoy just being alive and surfing.

Is there a motto that you live by? One that always sticks with you?

Dream bigger.


Which 3 countries are on your bucket list? 

I’m pretty happy where I’m at the moment in Bali. 

I’m trying to stick to the present. If I could go somewhere I guess that will be home to visit my beloved ones (canary islands), Tahiti and Byron bay.

What do you still want to learn?

So much.... Self development, new languages, kundalini yoga..

Is there someone you would really like to meet?

Deepak Chopra. 

If you want to follow Chantal on Instagram, go check her out here



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