January 15, 2021

Kyle "The Kreeper" Lochhead, where shall we start?
Sometimes you are introduced to someone
and you immediately know it's a friend for a lifetime.
An insane amount of fun, little bit crazy, hard working and surfing his ass off,
yup, he is the definition of truly living life to the fullest.
After years spending in France living the Ozzy dream,
he is now back in his home town Wollongong.
He became our inspiration for the beanie "The Kreeper",
because he lives and breaths the lifestyl we want to represent. 
He creates to inspire and has a whole lot fun doing it.
In this saturday chronicles we will go through the past, present and future,
of this incredible, humble, funny, open hearted human.
Let's see what it has in store!

Can you remember 1 or 2 people who helped inspire you and helped you to grow?

Only 1 or 2?! I can easily think of 100-200!! I was lucky enough to grow up during a time our local surf community was strong and striving. I have 100s and 1000s of inspiring “uncles and aunties and weird cousins”. So if I had to choose just one or two it would have to be King Gob and Purple Haze (dad and mum) 

What is the biggest lesson you learned and who taught you this lesson?

“No matter how big the wipeout. Always come up laughing!” That’s one of the best bits of advice I had ever received from a local legend called “Morgs!”

What was your best birthday party?

So many great birthdays spent with so many amazing people all around the world. 18th birthday south coast Australia during an Interclub challenge, car park cricket and wizard sticks in Hossegor France. Seeing The Brian Jonestown Massacre play in San Sebastián Spain! I have had a lot of birthdays now and 99% of them have been absolutely amazing thanks to those shared with.


How would you define growth?

More wrinkles means more smiles. More smiles means more stories. More stories means more experiences. More experiences means more growth. 

What are you most content with about yourself?

I am content knowing I have an open mind and an open heart. I am content knowing I have a lot of room left to learn.  

Is there a motto that you live by? One that always sticks with you?

Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is never promised. Live for today. 


Which 3 countries are on your bucket list? 

More of Australia

New Zealand

Iceland and the artic circle surf scene

  1. (All countries with a wave actually)

What do you still want to learn?

So much left to learn..
Slow down, listen up, be present and open to how you feel and receive. 

Is there someone you would really like to meet?

I would love to meet every old local, lost renegade, pioneer and scallywag. Everyone has a story. I really just want the time to hear them all.

If you want to follow all of Kyle's adventures go check him out on his Instagram here



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