Stand For Something

March 10, 2020

When we take to the road, we aim for total immersion. In the language barriers, the dinner invitations, in conversations with locals, in the bluest waters of our favourite overseas country. 

It’s this hunger for life’s uncomplicated pleasures that define our life’s decisions and monumental moments. It’s the paintings of plentiful landscapes and intimate dinner parties with new acquaintances. 

The impromptu business ideas that inspire simultaneous cravings for more. It’s the missed flights in foreign countries and budget tents that got soaked through while camping, that make each sunrise more meaningful. 

It’s the families and friends left behind when we take off on to explore the unknown, the hard times we face when figuring out our mission for this life.

It’s these moments where we ask “what is our purpose? what do we stand for?”, that takes us to those secret places in our minds that inspire our next move in life.

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We have been taking the time as of late to sit back and reflect on life's pivotal moments; those moments of truth that shaped our paths. 
From quitting our full-time job to launch our own business and moving halfway across the world to try something new, in a foreign country where we did not speak the language - it's these moments of truth that provide clarity and answers years down the track. 

Sometimes, leaving loved ones behind to seek our own journey and story is what it all comes down to. But one thing is for certain - these will always be the best days of our lives. 

We encourage you to share your story and discover your purpose. The journey there is both exhilarating, inspiring and life-changing 🙌🏼